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This bulletin board is a multi-thread multiple languages translation bulletin board. One thread is created for each topic, and anybody can freely look at it and reply. Detailed usage instructions can be seen by clicking on "Usage" on the link below. The languages you want translation to be displayed for can be chosen from “Select language” However, this is only the beta test. Please use words that are easy to translation. If the translated text is not good, it can be translation again by clicking Board moderators can remove inappropriate comments such as slander without warning.

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[1] nameless  6 year ago Re:

[2] nameless  6 year ago Re:


[3] nameless  6 year ago Re:

욕하는 자식 뭐냐.. 나쁘다 

[4] 호호  6 year ago Re:

이렇게 하는건가?

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